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I attempted some kind of white tee review system on this blog 7 years ago, but I wasn’t qualified to be discussing apparel in any kind of depth. This past summer, Japanese site Fashionsnap.com went in on the topic of white shirts. It’s far deeper than the time Dem Franchise Boyz broke down white shirts in Vibe 12 years back. Over a span of around a month, Fashionsnap’s “Road to Fashion Geek” broke down 30 shirts, from the budget multi packs from Hanes to some open-end ring spun Egyptian Giza cotton visvim expense. They talk history, origin, pre-wash and post wash specs, neck stretch and other pressing matters. Continue reading WHITE TEE VALHALLA (ALMOST)


It would be remiss to claim that some of the fine ensemble cast amassed for ’44 Inch Chest’ have something to atone for, given the crimes inflicted upon the gangster genre on this side of the pond during the late ’90s and early ’00s – Ray Winstone in ‘Love, Honour & Obey’ for instance, John Hurt in the dreadful ‘You’re Dead’ or lord forbid, Steven Berkoff in ‘Rancid Aluminium’ – the Tarantino blowback birthed the carefully placed grit of the crime caper movie with all the good bits taken out. Yep, Guy Ritchie’s overrated ‘Lock, Stock…’ did more damage to the UK film industry than good, from opening the floodgates for straight-to-DVD Dyer and Tamar geezer-on-the-run flicks to making people think the MFI Michael Mann-isms of ‘Layer Cake’ were actually anything more than an Arena magazine mashup of every gangster cliché around.

The payback? Guy gets a new lease-of-life after nearly a decade of bombs for helming a Holmes film that’s harmless but no more revolutionary than Barry Levinson’s attempt at a franchise re-up in 1984. The bad guy walked away scott free. The ‘orrible cahnt.

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