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Image via domcarlospear.blogspot.co.uk

The defunct Click brand has been mentioned here a few times over the years — an iconic, imported moment in black-British style, it arrived and went with few profiles regarding its provenance. Over here primarily through Jamaica’s dancehall aesthetic, Click was apparently a big-fitting French line in the Chipie vein that took the look to its extra-detailed limit. Often-bootlegged, like the similar Exhaust denim brand and Viking footwear, it’s important but undocumented. Click was represented by artists like the late, great Frankie Paul in the early 1990s, and with Jagger’s IG posts and carnival weekend, it seems right to take a closer look at a raggamuffin favourite. eBayer matty_mcmatty upped a suit, jacket and shirt recently, giving a good look at what went into a real Click piece. Continue reading MORE CLICK