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First things first, rest in peace to Tycoon To$h. All us disciples of Tokyo streetwear owe the man and the culture he brought, from new wave to a local interpretation of hip-hop, a fair amount. Major Force inspired Mo’Wax and Mo’Wax inspired…well, you get the general idea. On the topic of early 1990s gems, the superb Webm8 site keeps bringing the gems, with nuggets like this fit-inducing two-minute retrospective of 1990-era ‘fits that was shown on MTV Europe in association with Swatch back in the day. Lots of crap and a few fakes in the mix, but to be fair, there was a lot of that my wardrobe back then. Shouts to everyone who used to watch this kind of stuff intently to take notes back in the day.



Not much to update here this evening, but I think crude ads for streetwear spots from the past with insane brand lists are forever relevant. It’s easy to underestimate how good Scotland’s store offerings looked in magazine advertisements back in the day. Glasgow’s Dr. Jives (which opened in 1987 seemed to close in the very early 2000s, then reopen before closing in 2007) and Aberdeen’s Streethreds, were key to pushing some legendary brands back in their day. Continue reading THREDS