These days, everyone is an expert in athletic footwear. They all seem to know what the brands should be doing and think that they could do a better job in pretty much every related field, but there’s a lot to deal with at a big company, not least those 18 month production cycles that are pretty much a lifetime when trends boom then burn out in the space of 12 weeks. Continue reading EVERYONE’S AN EXPERT THESE DAYS

NYC 1982


A couple of years before the one-off Graffiti Rock, renaissance man Michael Holman had a 1982 TV show called TV New York. Holman, who had two other equally short-lived shows (The 9:40 Show and On B-TV) on the go in 1982 told Red Bull Music Academy, “It was the first hip hop TV shows anywhere in the world. Before anyone was doing it uptown, before anyone was doing it downtown, before anyone was doing it in Europe.Continue reading NYC 1982



I miss the Heavy Mental site from a few years back, but its legacy has transcended the digital stuff to become a real-world proposition. Heavy Time was founded four years ago to publish some solid self-published material — Cheryl Dunn, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Weirdo Dave and Erik Brunetti’s work has been released under this imprint, with Jeff Potocar’s Make a Jailhouse Tattoo Machine ‘zine (complete with a contribution from the legendary Fabian Alomar) being an opening salvo. Continue reading HEAVY



The ThamesTV YouTube account keeps unleashing gold from the archives and Show Down At Aspen is no exception. This 25 minute documentary charts Hunter S. Thompson’s 1970 bid to become Sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado on the back of his The Battle of Aspen article the previous year, wherein he engaged in some high quality trolling of the establishment by pledging to tear up the streets, ban policemen carrying firearms, not punish honest dope dealers and change Aspen’s name to ‘Fat City.’ Continue reading HUNTER



For a while, Dapper Dan was a near-mythic figure beyond NYC, but over the last four years he’s been making some necessary appearances to remind folks that he’s the a father of the high fashion and streetwear crossover that’s been the wave since Alpo was buying ten jackets at a time to Puffy’s finest excesses to the current mix and match zeitgeist. Continue reading ALPO’S COAT



If you haven’t watched Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives yet, you’re slipping. It’s one of the great hip-hop documentaries, and one that seems to have satisfied even the most ardent backpack rap fundamentalists in its running time. I bet there’s still a ton of stuff that never made the final cut though. Continue reading LIFE CHANGING