This has probably been mentioned here twice before, but seeing as I regularly get emails from people planning a documentary on shoes, all I can recommend is that you create something as good as Just For Kicks, Nike’s Air Force 1 series (by the team behind the former film) and the Milk team’s 2001 Sneakers: Size isn’t Everything film that was filmed in 1999. Continue reading SIZE ISN’T EVERYTHING



For years — as is well documented here — Champion Europe didn’t understand its core appeal. In Japan, its longtime license holder Goldwin, Inc. did great things — they revered the archives and amplified the brand’s core appeal to make it a premium brand. Continue reading CHAMPION JAPAN: END OF AN ERA?



The COMPLEX man dem have been longtime supporters of this site, so I’m always down to contribute to their ever-expanding empire. They’re always tolerant of my traffic haemorrhaging rantings, and with the past week being dedicated to people banging on about the resurrection of the MAG (then being inexplicably disappointed that they could’t immediately buy a pair for 250 quid), I jotted down a few thoughts on what the shoe inspired over the last 26 years beyond the fancy special effect lacing. Continue reading ‘PLEX & BOBBITO



No real updates tonight because I’m working on plenty of projects at the same time and can’t think of anything to add here that isn’t discussed ad nauseam elsewhere. For the hardcore nerds, the video below might be of some vague interest — a news report regarding the 1995 legal dispute over whether New Balance could call themselves made in the USA, when some components were made overseas. Continue reading NEW BALANCE 585s



The speculation around the Nike MAG shoe as the date depicted in Back to the Future II rolls around is increasingly tedious. As a design, I think the shoe is amazing, and prescient (or at least, so influential on post-1989 design that it seemed prophetical), but it’s also food for the dullest kind of footwear-addled folks and their childish nostalgia and click bait headlines. Still, self-lacing shoes are an appealing prospect that I want to see. Continue reading THE OTHER SCI-FI SHOES


Normally I try not to post videos here unless they’ve got less than a couple of thousand views, but Arc’teryx’s channel is strong and they showcase their secret weapon in this COMMIT – INSPIRED DESIGN profile of industry veteran and sealed-zip OG Mike Blenkarn. I had the pleasure of meeting this gent extremely briefly a few years back, and it was clear by the awe he inspires by some talented designers around him that he’s a genius in his field. Continue reading A GORE-TEX KING



If you did the yen conversion for that TGRAPHICS book and fell back clutching your chest or arrived way too late to grab the A MAGAZINE that Jun Takahashi put together at anything approaching a reasonable price, salvation is at hand. Rizzoli have done an admirable job of creating affordable retrospectives of Polo, FUCT and Supreme (I’ve given up hope on a Stüssy one) over the years, and next year they’re completing the trinity of NIGO®, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jun Takahashi with an UNDERCOVER book. Continue reading GOING UNDERCOVER