During a recent European excursion (all will be revealed at some point in the next few weeks), I got to learn a little more regarding the cultural history of ultra-comfortable French and Portuguese made casual footwear. Mephisto has become a source of fascination for me — the antidote to over marketed obviousness — and showcased alongside several other archive images, including some German and French league shirts and Mephisto branded hoardings at pitches, this (according to my source) lower league club’s late 1980s kit included this incredible Hummel goalie shirt with Mephisto sponsorship and an image of the brand’s trademark Rainbow silhouette. It’s a thing of wonder. If you know, you know. Those demonic M’s on the collar are a magnificent touch too.

2 thoughts on “GOALS

  1. Gary, your source claiming thgis is from the late 80’s is maistaken I’m afraid Hummel used that rainbow ‘honeycomb’ pattern around 1992

    1. This may sound like a lie, but at the exact moment you sent this message I was writing a sentence in a piece about Mephisto talking about that shirt and writing 1980s. That is PHENOMENAL timing. Thank you for the clarification!

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