Little to report this evening other than my excitement at the impending Massimo Osti Archive exhibition in east London later in the month from Jacket Required and the gents from Proper magazine. I’m not sure that it coincides with the actual reprint, but it definitely coincides with the news that the Ideas From Massimo Osti book is getting a reissue very soon, with extra content to reward everybody who was late to the party and punish the keen. Still, I’d be happy to keep another copy for emergency purposes. If you’re UK-based, this might be worth whatever the % increase in travel fare was this year.

While this has been on Sole Collector via Reddit (it’s getting increasingly tough to trace back a link to its originator and discoverer), I’ve been obsessed with it ever since Brendan Dunne brought it to my attention. AM95s commanded the kind of resell in 1995 and 1996 that’s still pretty unthinkable — even in an era where limited editions are a norm. That the young citizens of a country with so few reported crimes would turn to muggings to get their hands on a pair was a testament to the shoe’s power and an audience susceptible to being told what was a must have, by any means necessary.