A few months ago I linked to some 1990 Foot Locker store visit footage from this Brazilian shop tour show, but the gems just keeps on coming via the frequently updated SHOP TOUR MEMORIAS – COMERCIAIS YouTube channel. While it isn’t English-language, the neon-accented treasures on show are pretty universal. Check these 1991 clips. The trip to A Sports is particularly impressive, with an examination of Mowabbs, a meeting with someone dressed like an Air Max 90 (“Hi Mr Shoe! Are you alright? Okay! What do you think about A Sports — great, no?”), plus a look at Starter jackets. There’s a shit ton of 1990/1991 clips below with lots of repetition, but if your eyes are peeled you’ll catch some gems. Best. YouTube channel. Ever. Excitable presenter babbling about sportswear during a golden era — no vlogger can come close. Even the soundtracks are excellent.


  1. one of your finest posts ever gary. i was the first and only person to have those og huaraches at my school. many necks were snapped that day. the strap broke a couple weeks later playing basketball during indoor recess don’t remember what i replaced them with

  2. Nice one Gary, will deffo be peeling back the lids and taking a look at these, the shelves are simply covered in classic designs, fantastic clips, top man.

    ….but the Portugese dont have a word for Mountain-Biking ? Hardyharr….

    I should dig out my orig pics of Sports & Things from 2005, the amount of doozies in there was sillytalk !

    2005, jesus.

    Hope yer well CL

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