Thanks to an insatiable appetite for content online (and a lot of curious writers) there’s a lot of deep histories on some brands that had been barely mentioned online in recent years. Slowly — and whether a more image and video inclined audience have any interest in reading it — the lesser-discussed foundations of an industry are being given the treatment they deserve. I wondered what exactly happened to the R.A.P brand — which made plenty of appearances in British style magazines before it folded in 1996 — that was founded by Moroccan-born London resident Hassan Hajjaj and began as a shop on Neal Street in Covent Garden in 1983 before spawning its own apparel line. After focusing on his art and living between London and Marrakech Hajjaj relaunched R.A.P at Dubai’s Sole DXB event and to provide some necessary context, Ekow Eshun (who curated the excellent Made You Look: Dandyism and Black Masculinity show earlier this year) wrote It’s a London Thing, a great article on R.A.P’s history for the event brochure (which you can download here) that’s online right now. UK streetwear had a lot of casualties long before the Internet was in the homes of a majority — get familiar.