I attempted some kind of white tee review system on this blog 7 years ago, but I wasn’t qualified to be discussing apparel in any kind of depth. This past summer, Japanese site Fashionsnap.com went in on the topic of white shirts. It’s far deeper than the time Dem Franchise Boyz broke down white shirts in Vibe 12 years back. Over a span of around a month, Fashionsnap’s “Road to Fashion Geek” broke down 30 shirts, from the budget multi packs from Hanes to some open-end ring spun Egyptian Giza cotton visvim expense. They talk history, origin, pre-wash and post wash specs, neck stretch and other pressing matters. There’s no final word on this topic because it’s so darned subjective, but this is as committed as any analysis I’ve ever seen, EVEN IF THEY OMITTED KIRKLANDS, PRO CLUBS AND A BRACE OF GREAT US-MADE LINES FROM THE PROJECT. Check it out here and take a dig through the list at the bottom of the page (obviously, the translate feature in your browser is your friend here). You still can’t escape that slight disappointment when that glow is lost on that initial wash and no matter how much you spend on your white tee, the yellow pit is gonna get you if you get careless.