My obsession with Timberland boots has been outlined here time and time again, but it was fun to take a moderate (and edited) take on that preoccupation to MR PORTER a few days ago. You can force cultural connotations on other items of footwear, but there’s almost too much to talk about when it comes to the item of footwear that the entire business was renamed after. I think getting a mention of ODB’s bootleg boot sweatshirt on MR P was something of an achievement — a triumph of spreading rap trivia base don split-second glimpses beyond our usual geeky echo chamber. Check it out HERE.

One thought on “YELLOW BOOTS

  1. Nice write up. your blog is consistently the most interesting thing i read online. i still regret tossing my made in usa wheats. the soles had separated. the next pair i bought were overseas made. time for a new pair!!!

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