BUNNEY’s printed content has been flawless thus far and this year’s Grey Pages hardback indicated that the brand was looking to expand that element of their output. Newspaper style edits of Derek Ridgers and Ken Russell’s work under their Selected Works banner were slim, but the latest release, The Badge takes a deep look at the history of badges over 56 pages. Coinciding with the installation at Park-ing Ginza where the Charles M. Schultz Museum, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jun Takahashi and Tetsu Nishiyama all created their own sterling silver badge designs using early press-work techniques, this publication is something of an education in more than just adornment.

Medieval pilgrim badges, British enamel badge manufacture, TFL uniforms, lost local eccentricities, striking miners, LGBT and CND designs, the history of Better Badges, Brosettes and Judy Blame using heroin foil as a key material are all explored in-depth. It all sounds tremendously niche, but you probably own or have worn some support, promotion or protest on a pin at some point in your life. Given the current vogue for them, you might have a cluster of them on your lapel right now.

I knew nothing of badges and now I feel educated. Where this is being stocked beyond Ginza is a mystery, but I’m guessing that it might make a DSM appearance soon. Salutes to Andrew, DK and the team for this undertaking.