I seem to stack up sportswear related ephemera to the point where it’s going to be the cause of my Collyer brothers style demise. There’s been plenty of curiosities that bear the swoosh or the three stripes throughout the years (foodstuffs, torches, jewellery etc), but the recent NikeLab ACRONYM Presto Mid release instigated some solid tie-in gear with the assistance of the excellent Kostas Seremetis, whose artistic vision is as prone to occasional aggression and disruption as Errolson Hugh’s design. Zip-up totes, prints that aren’t trash like the usual pictures of shoes were well executed accompaniments, but the 3D-printed sculpture of Errolson emerging from the shoe is easily one of the maddest accessories to date (though they follow the lineage of those early 2000s Mass Burger HK toy Prestos with the Star Wars style packaging). GORE-TEX aficionados can use it as a shrine or you can put it to functional use as a paperweight (albeit a paperweight in a largely paperless world). Kind of awesome.