Nowadays, there’s a shoe-related video charting those crazy queuing kids and reselling and zzzzzzzzzzz being made every week. Back in 2005, ESPN was a little ahead of the curve with their It’s the Shoes series — a show dedicated entirely to sneakers – fronted by Bobbito Garcia. Two series of rapid-paced 20-minute programmes were made over 2005 and 2006 and while the opening titles are as mid 2000s as it gets, it was better (I assume because of Bobbito’s contributions) than anything since because of the presenter’s passion for the topic and the volume of great appearances and digs into collection. Bob’s chat with Fat Joe is a personal favourite, the infamous Fab fake controversy was spawned here, a deeply zooted Ricky Powell telling a closing anecdote and the DJ AM, Emz and Mighty Mi collection showcases are superb. Look beyond some of the duller athlete appearances (bear in mind who the channel that was funding it was) and there’s some incredible footage (pun unintended) here. Also, look out for that awkward face you pull when a friend plays you their music when interviewees are presented with custom shoes with their face on at the close of the conversation. For years my collection of It’s the Shoes episodes was on some DVD-Rs that I can’t play or some long-lost torrent downloads, but YouTube user Brandan Evans has kindly upped 13 of the 14 episodes (minus the last five minutes of a couple).

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  1. Must admit, I’d forgotten all about this series. So much more fun than watching a 16 part trawl through Mayor’s Tupperware encased collection of lurid Jordans and AF1s with a Commodore Amiga logo stitched on the heel.

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