We’ve covered this here before, but I buried it with a load of other strange topics. You can see JA and friends’ throwups and tags in a lot of NYC films, documentaries and TV shows from the late 1980s and early 1990s based on their sheer ubiquity, but it’s the other curious on-screen places they’ve ended up that are mind-boggling. If the quest was to find that visible, hard-to-reach spot, an alleyway in the Shrek the Third‘s computer animated Kingdom of Far, Far Away or the questionable future ghetto of Elysium‘s 2154 Los Angeles were pretty impressive seeing as they don’t actually exist. We know that Rocky director John G. Avildsen had the connects and for 1990’s largely terrible Rocky V, the climactic fight (the sole highlight of the film) the graffiti backdrop is XTC affiliated, with JA, EA, SANE and SMITH in the mix. Seeing as the film was released in November of that year, SANE would have been alive for the production before his passing in October. To my knowledge this was Andy’s Bar in Philadelphia and not some Hollywood lot either. Given the movie series’ lapse into borderline fantasy after that gritty start in 1976 the authenticity of the writing during Rocky and the treacherous Tommy’s dustup always blows my mind — in any other movie it would have been toy bubble writing of corny slang, but it’s an impressive cast of kings instead.





On the topic of gnarly New Yorkers, ahead of the publication of Harley Flanagan’s memoirs, Anthony Bourdain has been interviewing Flanagan for a handful of YouTube videos on the NewYorkNatives channel. Cro Mags meets Kitchen Confidential. Good to know that Bourdain was at a Vibrators show back in the day too.

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  1. Some years ago I saw a JA tag come off in an old Barbara Kruger book. Wish I’d taken a photo of it, haven’t seen it anywhere on the net.

    JA and Harley also both have beef with DMS (lol)

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