Typical. You wait for one book documenting a niche subcultural phenomenon and then two come along at (almost) once. After Victory Editions’ incredible release of Bury Me With the Lo On (which, pending its second printing, is almost fetching Kayak rugby shirt prices on eBay), Powerhouse is putting out Jackson Blount’s Lo Life: An American Classic in November, with an oral history of the boosting culture and plenty of vintage imagery and contributions from Lo Life members. Time will tell whether it matches Tom Gould and Thirstin Howl the III’s opus, but any expanded examination regarding this corner of streetwear and fashion history is welcome. Just to reiterate: we’ve got two books on Polo and one on Shirt Kings. When exactly is a Dapper Dan book dropping?

Completely coincidentally, Powerhouse are putting out Snow Beach: Snowboarding Style 86-96 in December. Creatively directed by Alex Dymond who founded the mighty Starks lace company and has worked with Supreme, Nike, Originalfake, Timberland, Burton and Vans, with plenty of input from Burton’s in-house archivist Todd Kohlman, this will probably be great, though I can’t confirm whether it will even contain a mention of Polo Sport’s commercial failure turned cult favourite collection of the same name.