Despite Bedford being my birthplace, I’ve long assumed that, despite being the longtime breeding ground for a lot of talent throughout the years, even minor recognition for the town was unlikely. One local hero is producer and musician Lil Silva who’s making credited and uncredited power moves while making some sounds that evolved locally into elements of some globally popular music. Many people from here move to London and pretend that they’ve lived there all their life while others try to embellish things and murmur the “of” part when they tell people that it’s north of London. Not Lil Silva. He started his NOWHERE nights in Bedford on Saturday in association with Stüssy with a performance from the mighty Sampha and there was even a tie-in t-shirt. While LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS, TOKYO, LOS ANGELES, BEDFORD on a World Tour tee was never going to happen, seeing Bedford in that font is like some mad fantasy of mine come true. Having grown up preoccupied with the brand when they stocked it in spots like SCAT and Planet Clothing long before I had expendable income, this is a surreal turn-of-events. With the town’s population of 79,190 is this one of the most local Stüssy shirts ever made? Only a few were made for the night, but it’s still pretty momentous for those who understand that the city is only part of the picture.