Back in summer 1996, an Oasis shoot in Arena Homme+ by Peter Robathan showed that, long before Liam did the cod-mod Pretty Green thing, he had a lot of style when it came to outerwear, while Noel has always understood the power of a good coat. Rain was rooted in the north’s inclement weather and the duality of the siblings. Liam opted for Lefthand, Donna Karan and Hugo while Noel gravitated towards Polo Sport and Kenzo. 20 years on, this Ralph (“coat £165 by Polo Sport Ralph Lauren”) is still a highlight. Trips to Bicester to get this one that Christmas yielded nothing.

This piece from a late 2000 issue of The Source features Prodigy — on the HNIC promo trail — reviewing that month’s shoes. “Rockability” and “Buyability” are important criteria and despite P being an AF1 man around that time (and long, long before — he wore them years and years earlier in the Peer Pressure video too) he inexplicably makes the New Balance 702 the pick of the week by a single point over an Air Max 2000.


I don’t know why footage of the inside of the Black Market store — which closed last year — from 1989 (maybe early 1990) is so compelling, but it is. Maybe it’s the idea that these places, which are an endangered species, were once the first port of call to hear anything.

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