You know what’s more useful than listening to another wearying roundtable about hype, collaborations or other streetwear-related matters? Listening to someone who has made it in that world who’s willing to discuss it on record. A lot of industry kingpins move in silence or were raised in an analogue world, so it’s strictly soundbites, and Eddie Cruz — the man behind Union LA, Stüssy LA/Las Vegas, Undefeated and Supreme LA — doesn’t tend to dwell on the past. Rebel Radio chatted to Cruz and Stüssy’s Adam Weissman for 95 minutes, with plenty of trivia and advice in the conversation regarding the industry’s past and current state. A good listen.

And just to remind Paris Fashion Week journalists that, contrary to their observations, 1989/1990 rave fashion wasn’t on the catwalk, this 1989 illegal rave footage from Kino Archive beats any shows trying to resurrect that aesthetic.