This 1990 news segment via Associated Press discusses the crack epidemic and the spate of sneaker and jacket related violence from that period. While the deadly serious subject matter (slightly undermined by music that sounds like the theme to a failed TV pilot about a fat, sarcastic cop and his hilarious home life) in My Feet Are Killing Me that’s largely New York-centric, there’s also some footage of what I initially thought to be the occasionally discussed “adidas tree” in Boston’s Dorchester/Roxbury’s “adidas park” which I’d only seen up to this point in a TDS Mob press shot. Looking at the residential area around the one in the video, I assume it’s somewhere different. I always heard that it was on-adidas footwear that was hurled into the tree — taken from the feet of unwary trespassers into tough guy territory — but there seems to be a lot of 3-stripes in that thing. We also get some insight into just how perilous it was to own a Polo jacket at one point in time. Also note that the industry is still eating off most of the silhouettes that you can see in this five-minute broadcast. Check out the video right HERE.