Muhammad Ali’s passing has led to numerous eulogies that I can’t hope to match, but it’s worth revisiting his visit to a black rodeo in Harlem in September 1971. As part of an event created to remind people that black cowboys, who had been whitewashed from the history books, existed, Ali rode a horse capably down 125th Street and even rode a bull, which no mater how docile it looked, was still a bull. It’s all documented in the 1972 film Black Rodeo and YouTube Jeff Kanew has uploaded the sections with the great man. On the back of his March defeat at the hands of Joe Frazier, there’s a lot of barbs directed at Joe and he tells one cocky character, “You got a fast left? Boy, I’m so fast I’d hit you ‘fore God get the news.” Can you imagine any globally recognised sports star in 2016 ever being allowed to ride a horse down a street or attempt a (potentially) bucking bronco?