When I was growing up, Milton Keynes seemed like a futuristic wonderland. Nowadays, it doesn’t, but back then there always seemed to be an exoticism to that modern, straight-lined architecture and grid structure. In the very early 1990s, I saw plenty of big trousered skaters there practising their flip tricks on benches and ledges. MK was also a big rave town — 1991 was a pivotal year in skateboarding (Video Days, 1281, Memory Screen) — but when the Sanctuary opened that year with the Dreamscape events, becoming a destination for gurning folks in loose sportswear to come from far and wide, it got some extra subcultural personality. This MK skate video (filmed around the time that Normski visited for Dance Energy’s Style Squad section) captures that time. Romantic Siege Patrol was filmed over a bank holiday weekend with some mongo footed teenage sessioning from James Jessop and his friends, and they recently returned to their film to add an era-appropriate rave soundtrack and up it on YouTube a few months back. Shouts to every single teenager feeling bored out of their mind in an East Anglian town — the trousers are slimmer, but the boredom is still the same, and where there’s boredom, there’s stupidity that leads to creativity. You can use an app that apes the aesthetic on an iPhone these days, but you can’t clone those early 1991 nuances.

2 thoughts on “MK DON-DADAS

  1. Wow, I’m going to have to watch the whole thing to see if I’m in it somewhere; was skating MK and that first handrail in particular loads in 90/91. You’d also run into a pint size Tom Penny in MK/Wendover/Stevenage all the time.

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