Interesting magazines deserve to be celebrated in a world where a lot of indie publications seem to lack identity (please — no more flavour-of-the-month identikit “culture” compendiums) and drown out the good stuff. I’m fully backing anyone with enough spirit to launch something, but a lot of covers and single-word titles all blend into one. Speaking of things we don’t need to see again, there doesn’t need to be another paean to LAW magazine here, but issue #8 looks promising, with Y’OH Streetwear brought back from time-out to create that coat on the cover. Shouts to Bafic for that photo. The issue is themed on the country’s critical systems, a British infrastructure staffed by legions of unsung heroes that the publication has a tendency to shed light on so stylishly. Visionaire is a magazine that doesn’t fade into the shelves either, having been attention-grabbing back when people actually bought paper — they printed on Plexiglas, added ten toys, put it in a light-up case, made an issue a set of records with a “vinyl killer” vehicle to play them on, commissioned Hermès and Louis Vuitton holders and made a seven-foot version of their publication. With fashion’s illuminati all taking part as guest editors over the years, a retrospective is long overdue, so Rizzoli’s October release of Visionaire: The Ultimate Art and Fashion Publication could be good, with its $135 price looking surprisingly cheap for a magazine I’ve seen sold in some spots for a couple of grand, but if it’s just packaged as a regular hardback book I’ll be a little disappointed. Given Visionaire’s ambitious precedents, their book should turn into a working drone, be covered in dodo skin or at least project a hologram.