NYC 1982


A couple of years before the one-off Graffiti Rock, renaissance man Michael Holman had a 1982 TV show called TV New York. Holman, who had two other equally short-lived shows (The 9:40 Show and On B-TV) on the go in 1982 told Red Bull Music Academy, “It was the first hip hop TV shows anywhere in the world. Before anyone was doing it uptown, before anyone was doing it downtown, before anyone was doing it in Europe. I’m not 100% certain whether this clip featured on the Graffiti Rock and Other Hip-Hop Delights DVD from 2003 (my days of having a disc drive for anything seem to be over) which contained some TV New York footage in the mix, but Zeke62’s Zeke62 Nostalgia YouTube channel has a lot of gems, of which this video is just one. Futura doing his thing, Grandmaster D.S.T. in the mix and a few moving partygoers makes it a missing link between Soul Train, TV Party and later UK yoof TV classics like Dance Energy.