I miss the Heavy Mental site from a few years back, but its legacy has transcended the digital stuff to become a real-world proposition. Heavy Time was founded four years ago to publish some solid self-published material — Cheryl Dunn, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Weirdo Dave and Erik Brunetti’s work has been released under this imprint, with Jeff Potocar’s Make a Jailhouse Tattoo Machine ‘zine (complete with a contribution from the legendary Fabian Alomar) being an opening salvo. Rob Cordiner, Ed Davis (killing it with Australia’s Doomsday Store and as one half of Brain Dead with Kyle Ng) and Todd Jordan make up the Heavy Time collective and they’re dropping a new magazine called Rats next month in an edition of 200. The aforementioned Jordan and Dewitt, plus Sean Pablo, Hetty Douglas, Peter Sutherland and several other creative folk have all contributed to issue one’s 72-pages. Big up Ed and the team for getting things done while I just send counterproductive Whatsapps and remain locked in planning stages of stuff that’s never going to happen. Go pre-order Rats here.