Did somebody say Steep Tech? Seeing as Supreme have reissued The North Face’s Steep Tech jacket to bring back the spirit of 1991, it seems like a good excuse to link to imagery based around the coats right here. An Instagram conversation on the jacket’s appearance in the alternate Method Man video from 1993, where two colourways are worn, plus Puffy’s white and black Apogee (or one of the padded superhero looking later additions to the range) looking number in Black’s Rob’s Woah video from 2000 led to STEEZY_WONDER hipping me to the duo of Azimuths (a jacket that looked like it should be accompanied by an instructional DVD) in Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz’s Deja Vu (Uptown Baby) promo from 1998. Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx all knew the power of extreme skiing gear and I know that I’m forgetting a few more key MTV moments for the line.



These illustrations by designer Colin Woodford for The North Face Steep Tech Extreme Ski catalogue from 1996 are timeless, bringing a traditional medium to pinnacle tech. I miss the days when this level of skill was implemented in promotional materials. Woodford was a senior designer for Banana Republic back in the 1980s, created some classics for LL Bean too and was doing a Woolrich heritage range east two decades before it became blog fodder. His artwork is fantastic.

Image taken from Colin Woodford Design’s site

Image taken from Colin Woodford Design’s site

Image taken from Colin Woodford Design’s site

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  1. The Steep Tech line has been a constant since those days. The North Face carried it in stores up until, maybe, 2008 or 2009, then it was found only on-line when the company started handling their own internet sales. The line has been kinda watered down, as much of their collections have (no more Gore-Tex jackets; mostly only the footwear.), but Steep Tech is still pretty solid.

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