For a while, Dapper Dan was a near-mythic figure beyond NYC, but over the last four years he’s been making some necessary appearances to remind folks that he’s the a father of the high fashion and streetwear crossover that’s been the wave since Alpo was buying ten jackets at a time to Puffy’s finest excesses to the current mix and match zeitgeist. Fortunately, Daniel Day was spared the glut of think pieces on what it all meant — he just custom-made wild gear for a monied audience for whom discretion wasn’t a sartorial priority. After making an internet appearance with his own Tumblr, a superb New Yorker profile gave Dan the overdue analysis and cultural context he deserves. He was pivotal to the most important section of last year’s Fresh Dressed documentary and made some guest appearances around it where he dropped gems, like this interview alongside Sacha Jenkins. But you can’t have run an establishment like Dapper Dan’s Boutique, where a man can pick up a custom jacket at three in the morning, without having anecdotes for days and the haberdasher who proved that bootlegs can be better than the real thing has a book or two in him, or, at the very least, enough tales and details to fuel a 90-minute film of his own. Dan dropped by the 125 & Lenox Show with Sneaker Pawn the other day to talk clothing and examine one of Alpo’s old coats to reminisce about a time when a man might request an extended bulletproof lining to avoid taking a bullet in the leg. All hail the king.