If you’re willing to make the effort (and it’s well worth it), I only just noticed that some of the French documentary, Larry Clark, Great American Rebel is online in pieces. This one-hour 2003 film features plenty of good insight into Clark’s work and it’s the source of the popular making of Kids video on YouTube. Put out around the release of Ken Park, it’s a good little portrait of his career up to that point and a little snapshot of the furore around the banning of that movie, though it lacks any footage of his 2002 dust-up with Hamish McAlpine that meant the film never saw a legitimate release in the UK. Russia’s VK has parts 1, 3, 4 and 5, while the majority of part 2 is over here in an infuriatingly small screen format at present, The final part is, sadly, absent altogether at time of writing. Still, the majority is better than nothing at all and this seems to be taped from French TV (though I know it screened in Australia too). Given the artist’s propensity for pissing people off, you don’t see much this substantial on his body of work, so this is something of a rarity.

Is this Ralph Lauren book published by HarperCollins late next year an official release, a biography or a big, glossy book? Alan Flusser has written others for this imprint that fall into the latter, but I’m wondering whether he’s co-written some kind of official autobiography — is this the book that Michael Gross’s Genuine Authentic (which would be a tough act to follow) was meant to be before Gross supposedly lost the say-so?