I usually don’t knowingly put things here that are covered by bigger, better sites, but I love ACRONYM®’s new video more than anything else I’ve seen from a brand this year. In recent years Errolson and the team have made outerwear into a martial art, and had clothing included in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PlayStation and Xbox. So how do you top that? Make THE CUT: a short film that’s got lots of not-too-distant future tech, dystopian overtones and all kinds of ambiguity. The combination of logo-like drones, Zomby on the soundtrack, Kostas Serametis works, cool typefaces, low-key use of digital effects and careful pace got a particularly glowing co-sign from William Gibson, which is something I’m not sure any other video look book has ever had. That said, is it even a look book? Regardless, it did a damned good job of making me wish I owned the LJ-2 varsity jacket and it’s a great evolution of Errolson’s work with regular collaborator Ken-Tonio Yamamoto.