Recently, I was bemoaning the degeneration of old Soho into a couple of sleazy alleyways and a succession of dank doorways promising massages. It turns out that long before I was complaining that the creepy stuff was a dying breed, there was a whole Soho that felt taken over by the sex shops and cinemas. Thames TV’s superb YouTube account just upped an entire 19 minute report from 1981 entitled Soho: People Live Here Too. As a snapshot of the original Soho, it’s pretty invaluable, and Paul Raymond and some men who look like they were born to run stores selling dildos and expensive Betamax grot make appearances too. Maybe a 2016 follow-up, Soho: Sex Shops Belong Here Too, could showcase the extinction of these post-1981 institutions in the face of XVIDEOS and its digital rivals, plus solemn lines of teenagers prepped to proxy skatewear.

Big up Fraser Cooke for linking to this video of the UNDERCOVER AW 2016 perfect day show. Faintly dubbed out Lou Reed, youth and maturity, surreal prints, mixed up textures and silhouettes, plus a sense of theatre that doesn’t drown out the designs turned cosy gear into something a little more cinematic.