If you’ve ever experienced extreme envy over anybody who kept their club flyers pristine and organised for optimum social media stunting, No Sleep: NYC Nightclub Flyers 1988-1999, which releases on powerHouse looks like a good way to see some insane lineups and near-legendary, defunct nights in one place. At this moment in time, any collated collection of subcultural ephemera has a guaranteed audience (I would love a 200-page collection of strange hip-hop promo gear, or just page after page of 1988-1999 rap stickers) and flyers have a certain charm in their hastily printed naivety, future legends and forgotten names. Promising a contribution from Adrian “Stretch Armstrong” Bartos, it looks like this one has some first-hand experience behind it. Having heard nightlife stories via NYC-born and bred friends who are far cooler than me, plus repeat viewings of documentaries like Limelight, this could be a worthy visual accompaniment. It’s always worth checking this site for the UK rave side of things. Shouts to everyone who didn’t use their flyers as roaches back in the day. The book drops in October.