Not much to update here this evening, but I think crude ads for streetwear spots from the past with insane brand lists are forever relevant. It’s easy to underestimate how good Scotland’s store offerings looked in magazine advertisements back in the day. Glasgow’s Dr. Jives (which opened in 1987 seemed to close in the very early 2000s, then reopen before closing in 2007) and Aberdeen’s Streethreds, were key to pushing some legendary brands back in their day. The ad above ran in classified sections in a couple of publications back in the day and it’s impossible to deny the power of a roster that included Fresh Jive, Pervert, Ben Davis, Futura, Stüssy, Nick Philip’s overlooked Anarchic Adjustment and Insane. In fact, with those brands and the cartoon of the bloke with a gat, it couldn’t look much more 1992 if it was humming Rhythm is a Dancer and quoting A Few Good Men while wearing a market job NAFF CO 54 coach jacket. I believe that this was the strictly mail order Streethreds before the operation moved from Elgin to Aberdeen in 1993 and then changed names to Hanon-Shop a decade or so later. I don’t think Hanon quite gets the respect it deserves for deciding that the streetwear name was played-out in 2002 and changing things that dramatically after 12 years in business. Salutes to those guys.

Moving a lot further down south, 4 Star General’s 1994 flyer campaign (“£10off WITH DIS FLYER”) promised plenty of Walker Wear and Pelle Pelle garms. Anyone who sent an SAE or spent an afternoon phoning around stores to get a catalogue will recognise the impact of these cluttered moments of promo. It’s a shame that most of them never made it behind bricks, mortar and paper to flourish in the digital world.