I always enjoy that sense of being old and out of touch, because know-it-all status is overrated. Delving through Soundclouds reveals gems and I like discovering crews with their own identities and in-jokes. South-East and East London’s Ryan Hawaii, OMELET, Okimi and Diane OG make up the slightly prolific Neverland Clan who make lots of woozy, distorted, tempo-shifting hip-hop that I heard but couldn’t visualise (blame those advancing years) until Skepta co-signed Daniel OG’s Plan video at the start of 2016. My favourite element was the homemade tributes to Neil Buchanan’s Art Attack rugby shirts — Buchanan birthed multiple generations of DIY kids, with a staggering 17 year stint as the CITV show’s presenter and rocked a lot of roll and crewneck logo knitwear during the show’s duration, but the rugby he sported in the later episodes invaded kids’ psyches like the Polo ALPINE, Hilfiger American flag colours, Benetton blocking or Coca-Cola branded rugbys did to other young folks. I only just realised that, in a Buchanan-esque self-made move, they’re selling their self-painted homages to a late afternoon icon right now.