As brands go, outdoor stalwart Eddie Bauer gets more name checks from relevant papers than most. Young Thug, Future and Kendrick Lamar have all mentioned the company for a variety of reasons — from throwback Weezy car references to robbery masks and good old-fashioned playground nostalgia. Has any single object in outerwear history been as terrifying as the Goose Down Face Mask? Shades of straight to VHS icy forest psychopaths and James Vance’s appearance post Judas Priest suicide attempt. Those old 1973 Backpacker ads stay classic and the puffa Peter Pan looks of the Goose Down Sox are a perfect mask accompaniment for anyone who wants that head to toe feathery super villain swag.


I was also pleased to see that I didn’t just imagine Homelink existing back in the day. This was original internet banking and shopping launched in 1983. “It’s like a shopping centre in your own home really,” declares an untrustworthy looking building society manager. Because it cost stupid money (bear in mind that, taking inflation into account, 1000 pounds in 1983 is around 3400 now), this strange, but admirably advanced, Teletext/internet mix was gone by 1985 and it would take almost 20 years before anyone trusted computers with their dough. I can’t get enough of these TV segments from the period that blend shite suits with the bleeding edge.