Not much to report here that hasn’t been reported elsewhere. I just spent 15 minutes hunting for footage of the short-lived Latimer Road half pipe that was situated by the Westway in London. To my understanding, the ramp existed from 1987 to 1989 and some strong Vision and Powell-Peralta demos took place there. A very young-looking Gonz skated there alongside Joe Johnson and Kevin Staab around 1987 and the Bones Brigade visited as part of their UK tour in 1988. Big up Slam City Skates OG Paul Sunman for making an appearance in both clips below (I’d seen the 1987 footage — via derrythom — before but not the 1988 Thames News piece) as spokesman for the UK scene back then and as one of the key reasons the ramp existed in the first place. I can’t fathom how much paperwork and red tape would get in the way of something like this in 2016. News pieces talking about the booming skate craze around this point in time were always a reason to panic tape on a Scotch T120, but much of it has been lost throughout the years.