I don’t know whether it’s heartening that I frequently re-read longford pieces online and wish that I had a paper hard copy, or whether I’m just a total luddite. Caroline Rothstein’s Legends Never Die essay on the cast of Kids and their fates post-1995 is almost three years old, but I think it’s one of the best articles on the topic ever. I wish there were other articles of similar calibre on topics connected to “street culture”, but beyond the occasional FADER piece, I haven’t read anything of equal quality lately. Rothstein’s work preempted and helped prompt a wave of 20th anniversary fuss around Larry Clark’s film — some was fantastic and some was an exercise in fact-jacking clickbait. It instigated the forthcoming The Kids documentary, and a couple of months ago (I’m late to the party again), Narratively published Legends Never Die as their first print magazine, with plenty of bonus content, including rare imagery, an interview with Chloë Sevigny and a conversation between Hamilton Harris and Leo Fitzpatrick. Well worth your $10.



I recall being particularly hyped over the film after it had been brought to my attention the previous summer (via a furious Daily Mail article) when I accidentally caught a Larry Clark interview on a Richard Jobson fronted Sky Movies movie show around March 1996 at the end of a Pulp Fiction screening. Not only did Kids take almost a year between US and UK releases, it also took another three years to drop on video here and I believe it was trimmed by close to a minute. This isn’t the greatest interview with Clark, but it was the footage included here that had me obsessed with seeking a pirate copy. A person by the username wrightpedros kindly uploaded the footage a couple of days ago.