Apologies for the late post. I thought I had something for last night, but there was an embargo on an interview that I was unaware of. That’s what I get for playing the game. That’ll probably go live soon, but in the meantime, this Alpha Industries promo video is decent. I couldn’t work out whether this has been on the Alpha’s American YouTube channel before (I’m assuming that it has), but with the brand’s fortunes supposedly swelling from the Kanye West effect of late, and given the MA-1’s role in skinhead style and adoption via Ray Petri’s Buffalo movement to become a coveted part of 1980s British street style, it seems double relevant right now. Shouts to everyone who got a ten pound one from the market in their hometown and looked like theme pub security rather than a cool guy. And who hasn’t got an M-65 in the wardrobe? I look more like some bloke that’s not allowed to join the Territorial Army but buys scary magazines about weapons in mine rather than anyone remotely cool, but it’s an eminently wearable design that pretty much got it right from the start.