Busy tonight (but never too busy to update this blog, albeit briefly). I think Frank Bruno and the sadly departed George Francis was one of British boxing’s great partnerships. As a kid, I was always looking at the gear that celebrities and athletes wore — around this time, if we want to create a Rocky-esque contrasting training montage in our minds, I’m sure Mike Tyson was pacing the streets of Vegas at the same unholy hours in grey NB 996s. This February 1989 Bob Richards shot of the duo in Phoenix, Arizona ahead of the first Bruno/Tyson bout that month is a classic. With Bruno’s Nike backing, he and Francis are the stuff of private FB streetwear group envy here, with original Air Max, throwback tracksuits, visible socks, sleeve prints (albeit on a Bon Jovi hoody, but hey, at least Francis probably listened to Jon and the gang’s music rather than just wearing the gear of a harder rock group with no idea). For the shoe nerds, I believe Francis is wearing the Steve Cram edition Windrunners which totally flopped because of their uncommercial black and yellow colourway (these were pre-Wu days). I actually schemed to place a bid on Jimmy Savile’s pair after he passed away as a job lot on eBay for Jimmy’s chosen charity — naturally, after it was confirmed that the man was an evil predator, I was glad I forgot to visit eBay that day (I believe that the eventual buyer sold them on before the revelations and made a good profit). Bizarrely, Savile would go on to introduce Bruno to British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe a little later, but I can’t confirm what was on their feet that day.


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