Long before Rihanna named a fragrance RiRi there was expensive zips. For those who thought that they were too good for a YKK, the Italian option was the only way. As I recall from a cursory spot of research, the bloody things cost about 7 quid, which meant that I found myself haplessly trying to justify paying stupid money for things that used them. It’s just a zip, yet I can’t help but feel let down when I don’t see one on a jacket that costs more than 500 pounds. It transpires that riri has a YouTube channel, which sounds like the dullest thing in the world until you realise that they’re upping super chic animated ads from the 1960s and early 1970s.

One thought on “THE OTHER RIRI

  1. Eh, I found myself checking for Riri zippers as well. I remember lots of japanese streetwear brands were using them almost always (Unrivaled, Visvim, etc…). I never saw the ads though, thanks for sharing. They feature the typical playful and funky aestethic of italian ads from the sixties and seventies. Old people here still remember those ads by heart :)
    Thanks for your work

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