This blog is rapidly looking like a Patta fansite, but I love talking to those guys about culture. Plus Gee is one of the select few whose book recommendations I trust 100%, and this site is also transforming into little more than a set of gushing paragraphs about the printed word. A book just dropped that documents Amsterdam’s street style through the long-running Appelsap festival. So Fresh It Hurts was crowdfunded a few months back, and I chatted with Gee about the role of streetwear in the city to set off one of the chapters. It’s a beautifully designed volume and you should pick it up if you like Parra, Patta, hip-hop, flyer art or good photography. Just in case you haven’t already been sent spiralling into overdraft by the glut of niche but glorious publications that hit shelves over the last couple of months, UNEMPLOYABLE by Jason Boulter is worth a browse too. I never knew this book even existed, until my friend Woody sent me a copy — if you never knew you needed a 708 page history of Globe and its legendary founders, the Hill brothers, now you probably know. After visiting Australia a few years back, I asked folks about why brands like Stüssy were so ubiquitous out there, and this book explains a lot about that, the Mossimo and Vision deals, plus the entire Globe Distribution roster. It’s a story of a business thriving against the odds, Aussie skate, surf and street culture plus a lot more. I don’t believe in the notion of too much information, but it’s going to be mid 2016 before I can really absorb the breadth of content here. You better go to Ikea and stock up more on BILLY bookshelves in the oak veneer that ain’t fooling anyone. Then get them reinforced with titanium.