No shots (well, maybe some shots), but a lot of cool stuff you work on gets the original vision in the pitch dented by shoddy design, jumpy PR people and, most commonly, insecure middle men putting in their oar to justify their continued employment. These are the folks that love compromise, and compromise makes for crappy output. I like some things I’ve worked on, but I pretend that the majority never happened, I really enjoyed working on this little book to coincide with the release of the KITH Columbia Bugaboo project — big up Ronnie Fieg, Mellany, Austin, and Peter Bowhan, who absolutely killed it on design. You can check out The Bugaboo Book (or Bugabook) right here, or by clicking the image above. I really, really like the final result — shouts to Columbia for having such a good archive of imagery, plus longterm staffers happy to talk outerwear.

The new Wiki album,‘Lil Meis free to download, and the album’s final track is more than just Doowntown Don ad-libs — it’s 46 minutes of Ratking mentor Aaron Bondaroff talking with them. There’s some good advice for the youth on ‘Spiritual Guidance From Aaron Bondaroff’, and none of that old head arrogance that creates generational barriers.