I’ve been bleating about a need for a decent Stüssy book for a while now. After all, the brand pretty much did it all before the rest of us. On the parody front, they were messing with Hermes prints and far more beyond the interlocked S designs, and it transpires that their archive is pretty killer. On the English language front, we had a 25th birthday World Tour book and DVD, while the biannual is solid, but in Japan, there’s been regular books, strong editorials and far more for years now. But seeing as there’s about 62 Stüssy stores there, it’s understandable. The 80-15 anniversary book was good (complete with interviews I can’t read), because it had images of products from the vaults (OG Zulu Tom Tom tees and Chongo jackets being a standout) that I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Now, it transpires that there’s a 248 page hardback book that’s nothing but archive photos. No text to trip up on. Just gear, surfboards, accessories and old ads. Stüssy: VINTAGE RETROSPECTIVE is released tomorrow and costs ¥8,000, which is about 44 quid until brutal postage and packing kicks in and you have to buy ten magazines on shell jackets and backpacks to make it seem like a good deal. This book has been a long time coming.





While we’re talking a long time coming, King Krule operates at his own speed rather than social media’s ephemeral rapidity. After an absence that’s normal by musician standards, but unusually slow by today’s notion of how output should be delivered, there’s a book, music and a short film by Mr. Will Robson-Scott on the way. The A New Place 2 Drown book is published by the good people at Topsafe and features Archy’s photography and poetry, plus his brother Jack’s artwork. I know that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making it happen (down to the silver spun tape binding and slipped in, mirrored inserts), so it’s well worth the 24.50 pounds. Like everything Krule related, it’s has an honesty and openness that still never gives away too much — in a world where we need to know what goes into a celebrity’s Nutribullet each morning, the eloquence exists in the spaces we’re not privy to. Go buy it from here, while we wait for the music to release in a week.



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