Other people’s bookshelves fascinate me, and the new issue of System has a solid feature in it by IDEA’s David Owen that chats to some prominent book hoarders. In addition to conversations with Kim Jones, Jo Donaldson from the Lucasfilm Research Library, Hans Ulrich Obrist, André Balazs, Grace Coddington and 2manydjs, there’s some squint-worthy photos of the spaces where their collections reside. I guarantee that your Amazon Wish List will swell after reading. I always recoil from hitting the PayPal link when it comes to the Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jun Takahashi Seditionaries book (the cheapest I’ve ever see it is 500 pounds), but Jones mentions grabbing multiple copies on sight and gifting Kanye with a copy. For me, this kind of thing is an irresponsible enabler when it comes to my spending habits — if Obrist has 30,000 books in Berlin alone, my teetering stacks of readily available Rizzoli’s and Steidl’s are nothing, which means I can buy as many as I like. I’m sure there are many books of other people’s bookshelves, but I’d be down to pick up a volume compiled from closer looks at the shelves in Owen’s feature. Elsewhere in the magazine, Cathy Horyn’s Raf Simons profile is solid, complete with Simons briefly mentioning the Massimo Osti influence on some of his designs.