I think I’m a couple of years late to the party with this one, but this section of Alex Turnbull’s interview with his friend Shawn Stüssy from a while back (though it looks like the kind of material that’ll make it into his forthcoming full-length documentary) is interesting. With so many streetwear brands popping up, I’m happy to see kids put their money where their mouth is, but longevity (if the owners are looking to make something that isn’t just ephemeral, which many of my favourite barely-on-the-internet lines were) is down to having some concept at your core — Stüssy sees the brand as the byproduct of doing things the right way. Otherwise it’s just a load of AAAs your mates want without paying. Sometimes trying to offer advice just makes you an old guy waving his fist at the clouds, but when the man that birthed Stüssy (despite his absence from the brand over the last couple of decades, the soul installed by he and the original team is still key to its appeal) offers up advice, it’s worth giving him a couple of minutes. Extra respect for accidentally calling YouTube “the intertube” at one point too. It’s also good to hear him mention that devotion to the Rivalry shoe silhouette that appeared in so many Thrasher ads and got a remake from S/Double a few years back, prior to its eventual reissue.

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