This has probably been mentioned here twice before, but seeing as I regularly get emails from people planning a documentary on shoes, all I can recommend is that you create something as good as Just For Kicks, Nike’s Air Force 1 series (by the team behind the former film) and the Milk team’s 2001 Sneakers: Size isn’t Everything film that was filmed in 1999. I should have known by the ‘Z’ in Sneakerheadz that it was going to be a dud, and it was. Milk’s creation, directed by Elliott Chaffer, was released to promote the book of the same name (again. one of the few good ones on the topic) and mirrors its density and scope with appropriately lo-fi looks and audio used for some of the published interviews — it’s artistic and pretty risky (it even delves into the sexual side of the subject) compared to the shoe-related output from agencies who’ve popped up in the last couple of years. Seeing as it screened on Channel 4 and did the festival route, I’m surprised that it isn’t more well-regarded. Salutes to Paul Ayre and the squad for putting it down before anyone else over here. Typically, when no standard is already set, less corners tend to be cut or formulas followed.