The COMPLEX man dem have been longtime supporters of this site, so I’m always down to contribute to their ever-expanding empire. They’re always tolerant of my traffic haemorrhaging rantings, and with the past week being dedicated to people banging on about the resurrection of the MAG (then being inexplicably disappointed that they could’t immediately buy a pair for 250 quid), I jotted down a few thoughts on what the shoe inspired over the last 26 years beyond the fancy special effect lacing. I think that its footwear has been colossal, regardless of how infuriating you find the GIF-hungry infantilised 30 somethings hyperventilating around it. Check it out here, or click on the picture above.

If you never did the Kickstarter thing or shelled out for any screenings, you owe it to yourself and the cause to pay the eight quid/twelve dollars to download Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives, because it’s a superb documentary stacked with moments that warrant the pause button or a rewind — kind of like those golden moments on a hissy Memorex. The goosebumps still haven’t receded since I watched it a few days ago. Grand Ghetto Communicator is a solid journalist and MC who, I believe wrote for The Source and Vibe, in addition to appearing on WKCR. Pure in his quest to just be heard rather than shift units, it transpired that he was homeless for a moment too. Layered up for a reunion, I couldn’t help but notice that Grand Ghetto’s no-bullshit attire seemed pretty damned on-trend in 2015.


Incidentally, let’s have a moment of silence for the Bobbito’s Footwork store, as profiled here in issue #1 of The Fader, back in summer 1999 (the year before the NYC branch closed after almost half a decade in business). Kool Bob Love and Stretch’s contribution to music has been colossal, but there’s pretty much an entire documentary to be made from Garcia’s work on the subject of footwear from over the years.


This short black and white film from 1998 entitled Footwork, directed by Bob’s regular collaborator Justin Francis, is a good supplement to the film too.

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