If you did the yen conversion for that TGRAPHICS book and fell back clutching your chest or arrived way too late to grab the A MAGAZINE that Jun Takahashi put together at anything approaching a reasonable price, salvation is at hand. Rizzoli have done an admirable job of creating affordable retrospectives of Polo, FUCT and Supreme (I’ve given up hope on a Stüssy one) over the years, and next year they’re completing the trinity of NIGO®, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jun Takahashi with an UNDERCOVER book. I’d happily splash out for a bootleg scrapbook of every LAST ORGY piece from Asayan that they put together back in the 2GO era to be honest, but this looks decent regardless. With Suzy Menkes on introduction duty, this book is promising sketches, archive snippets and essays on the subject of Jun’s work. From his eye for branding, graphic skills and knack for masterful deconstruction, plus a role as the mind behind some of the best collaborations from the last decade or so across a range of mediums, it should be good. The Rizzoli blurb describes the artist as “multidimensional”, and it’s tough to argue. You can see some of this guy’s work in a number of upstart brands, but his skill and colossal knowledge of cultures makes all the difference. Before everyone else decided to walk the line between high-end and streetwear, Jun had it mastered. UNDERCOVER is set to drop on March 15th, 2016 via Rizzoli books. This is liable to be great.