Salutes to Jörg for letting me write a little piece on the legendary Barnzley and his THUNDERS store for the latest issue of HYPEBEAST magazine. I have a few offcuts from the conversation that I might up here at some point. Issue #11 is way more thoughtful in its content pick than the excitable name suggests — the NUTS ARTWORKS profile educated me on the history of the company (because I could never find their book at a good price) responsible for those superb sign painted works that Tet and Shin commissioned. Julia Grassi’s photography is great too.

There’s no significant update here tonight, because I’m completely distracted by the documentary, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon which is worth your immediate attention. No matter how dated or indulgent some of the humour is by 2015 standards, Michael C. Gross’s design is still some of the greatest magazine art direction ever, even if it was satire of existing tropes. Gross created some brilliant covers for Esquire, but one of his finest moment was another comedic masterpiece — the Ghostbusters logo. Gross broke down the creation of that logo in this conversation (among other things) with Jorge Oliver last year. I would love to see a contemporary publication that put the same level of painstaking effort into its layouts, rather than the usual prescriptive looks on pages, which are either emperor’s new wardrobe cleanliness and safe custom fonts, or serif folksiness.