Arc’teryx Veilance creates some of the best outerwear I’ve ever owned. Having visited their facilities in Canada a few years back when I used to help on some marketing materials, I can testify that the brand’s attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve ever seen anywhere else. How many other renowned brands will, or could ever, let you see inside their factory? To introduce a lifestyle line when your core audience is people who need next-gen GORE-TEX for more than just a cold pressed juice spill was a risk and a tough sell initially, but it seems to have paid off in building the company’s reputation with a progressive style-conscious crowd. I’ve never been too keen on the idea of brand “ambassadors” because it brings to mind Instagram mascots for shitty streetwear, or PR doofuses with their heads still stuck in 2007, but if you’ve ever picked up one of those beautiful Engineered Garments affiliated LOITER by JIMA publications you’ll know that Japanese photographer in NYC Atsushi Nishijima is the kind of guy who you’d want to flow jackets to. These two short black and white films made by Veilance and starring JIMA do a nice job of encompassing the line’s philosophy with brevity and a necessary lack of bombastic tech talk.

IDEA Books just previewed Marfa Journal #4 with a cover reveal that indicates that they’ve managed to put a role model of mine on every issue so far. This time (one of a presumed quartet) of cover stars is none other than freedom of speech don-dada (and onetime Rap Pages and Big Brother publisher) Larry Flynt. I’m happy to see that Paz de la Huerta is in the issue too, and I’m guessing that a Lana Del Ray shoot will probably get it some Daily Mail homepage inches.