2014 is the anniversary of everything. 20th birthdays, 21st birthdays, 27th birthdays — if we’re not mourning stuff, we’re commemorating it. That’s no bad thing — the current climate has created openings for fitting tributes to some niche stuff I never thought I’d see a proper celebration for. You can sit and sob about Essex boys rolling up the sleeves on brands you’ve liked for ages, but you should appreciate the opportunities to hear some untold stories as a result. There’s a few documentaries in the making that cover some more obscure tales relating to brands and the minds behind them (as mentioned in the last post), but as somebody still waiting for the Mo’Wax Arts Glen E. Friedman poster after 16 long years, it’s good to see that the Kickstarter fuelled anniversary project is really happening, with the exhibition running for over a week this coming June and the Rizzoli Urban Archaeology: Twenty-One Years of Mo’Wax book dropping in September (which looks pretty substantial in this shot). I won’t pretend that I’ve made much effort to dig out my old Mo’Wax records in recent years (beyond some old favourites and Now Thing is still overlooked) but the imprint taught me a hell of a lot about joining dots between cultures and the cash-burning ambition of the whole thing was more of an inspiration to me than it was a cautionary tale. James Lavelle and the team brought a lot to the UK. It’s also nice to hear that some old issues have been resolved to ensure that the Mo’Wax story will be told a little more comprehensively (though I still think Mr. Zaid Mudhaffer’s unpublished article on the label is one of the best things ever written on the subject).