I’m busy this week and I can’t think of much interesting to put up here, so I haven’t bothered updating this blog. The only thing that’s captured my imagination was the Patagonia Special Edition Down Sweater, which I hadn’t seen in the flesh since the coloured zipper editions hit the internet three years ago. With a shell so thin that the European goose down is visible through the 10-denier grey nylon, it’s a perfect link to classic moments in Patagonia history where pure performance yielded apparel that borders on avant-garde in its appearance. This creation also looks a little like a creation sewn from loosely packed splits or a wearable teabag, but unlike the garish fastening of some earlier editions, that black fastening keeps it wearable too. It’s good to see the innovation that Eddie Bauer helped usher in made visible here in the quest to strip down insulation to its absolute essence. After Supreme’s The North Face’s Nupste creation printed on the fur effect, this one goes further with the weirdness to create something that’s far more feather than coat than ever before. I respect the purity of this creation.